Chef Ilona Daniel

Chef Ilona Daniel is all about the love when it comes to her approach to food and life as a whole. Ilona's spirit of adventure has taken her all over the globe to sharpen, hone and further her understanding of food and the nature in which cultural cuisine shapes our global identity. Chef Ilona is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of Canada's inaugural class of the Applied Degree in Culinary Operations, as well as a graduate with President's Honours of the Culinary Management Program at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute. Her formative years in the fertile Niagara Region forged a strong bond with the agricultural experience, and its integral importance in her life as an aspiring chef with her own culinary identity. She uses these foundational experiences every day to educate and inspire.

Chef Ilona Daniel has travelled and will continue to share her love and experiences of the culinary world, from teaching in China, through a partnership with the Culinary Institute of Canada to being featured on many media channels. Chef Ilona's recipes and talent has been featured on the Food Network Canada, The Marilyn Denis Show, Chatelaine Magazine, Breakfast Television (Toronto/Winnipeg,) APTN and Saltscapes Magazine. She is also the Northumberland Bay Ferries Culinary Ambassador, Tourism PEI "Ask an Islander" Ambassador and Canadian Chef's Congress Provincial Representative.  Chef Ilona is a fierce culinary ambassador for Prince Edward Island, as well as Canada at large.




Chef Ilona is also the resident food scene writer for G! Magazine, blogger, culinary brand ambassador, consultant, caterer, and facilitator; her adventures can be followed on



photo credit: Chef Ilona Daniel

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