French Macaron

150 g ground almonds
150 g icing sugar
55 g egg whites
55 g egg whites
15 g sugar
150 g sugar
50 g water

-Put ground almonds and icing sugar in food processor and grind till it becomes a fine powder
-Sift the sugar and almond mixture in a bowl
-To make the hot sugar mixture, in a small pot place 150 g sugar and 50 g of water and cook till 110oC
-In a kitchen aid bowl add 55 g of egg whites and 15 g of sugar whip till soft peaks and turn down speed and slowly add hot sugar mixture
-Turn mixer up to medium and whisk till almost cool and thick
-Mix desired color in the remaining 50 g of egg whites then add this to the almond mixture with a spatula mix till thick paste
-Take a small scoop of meringue and add to almond mixture then add the remaining meringue using folding method mix to combine but do not over mix
-Place in piping bag and pipe out consistent size cookies (we like to trace circles on the parchment paper then flip it over to use as a guide!) and out let dry for 45 minutes, then bake at 290 F convection for 12-15 minutes.
-Create your deserved filling and complete your macarons.

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