Peppermint Patties

5 1/2 cups of icing sugar
1 tsp of peppermint extract
1 can (approx 14oz) of sweetened condensed milk

Place icing sugar in mixing bowl and slowly mix in the condensed milk. (Mixture will not form a dough right away, will be more "granola like").
Mix in the peppermint extract.
Once combined, take handfuls of dough (it should form into a ball fairly easily) and make logs out of the peppermint patty dough (usually makes 4 to 5). Wrap each log separately in saran wrap and place in freezer for approx 3 hours or in the fridge overnight.
Remove from fridge/freezer and cut into slices. Melt chocolate chips (dark, milk, whatever you'd prefer) and dip.
Let sit until chocolate hardens (place in fridge to speed up the process)


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